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Hiring A Lawyer For Divorce? Here Are 5 Things To Consider First

Do you consider hiring a lawyer for divorce? This post will guide you on how to find a good divorce lawyer that will handle your divorce petition in court, sedulously.

If you are planning to get a divorce, then how to hire a lawyer for divorce may be the only question you have in mind, right now. Hiring a good divorce lawyer isn’t as hard as you think. By the end of this post, you will be able to find a lawyer who is fit for your divorce matter or petition.

Who is a divorce lawyer?

“A divorce lawyer or divorce attorney is a legal professional who practices family law and ensures the protection of client’s rights during legal separations, divorces and custody cases. Divorce lawyers often work for family law firms and specialize in the legal filing, division of assets and aspects of child custody.” source: Indeed

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Hiring A Lawyer For Divorce? 5 Things To Consider First

1. Specialty

Not all lawyers specialize in family law. Some might have specialities in criminal law, constitutional law, medical law, etc. but might not be good in a petition (divorce matters). So, before you consider hiring a lawyer for a divorce, ask questions to know their area of specialization. Unlike medical Doctors, every legal practitioner has their own area of expertise. You need to know this first before getting the services of a lawyer for the dissolution of your marriage.

2. Years of experience

In law, years of experience matter a lot. You should consider hiring a lawyer who has been practising family law over the years. This is to ensure that he has the necessary skills and experience to handle your petition (case). 5 years of experience and above in family law is enough when seeking the services of a legal professional for divorce.

3. Records

Has the lawyer you want to hire successfully handled divorce matters before? You need to put this into consideration. Don’t just get the services of a lawyer you know has not handled divorce petitions in the past. He might not be fit for you. Lawyers are professionals and every one of them has specialities. So, ask your prospective lawyer questions about the marriage petition they have handled in the past to determine the level of their success. You can browse the American Bar Association website to find the best lawyers near you.

4. Personality/Attitude

Years of experience, expertise and past success are not only enough to hire a lawyer for a divorce. What personality does he have? Is he patient with people? Does he shout at people when they make mistakes? Or he is compassionate and patient with the weak? While finding the answers to these questions, try to also know the type of person you are. Are you the type that often feels worried or bad when someone loses their temper on you? What type of lawyer do you what? (The Bomber lawyer, the gender specialist, etc.) Refer to this article to read more.

5. Retainer fee

The price for hiring a lawyer is not a peanut. There is no general price for getting a divorce lawyer. Each law firm has its own prices. So, I can’t tell exactly how much a divorce lawyer will cost you. You need to ask your prospective divorce lawyer to know how much he charges as a retainer fee. Some law firms charge per hour. So, put this at the back of your mind.

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