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7 Questions To Ask A Family Lawyer During Consultation

When meeting your family lawyer for consultations, there are relevant questions you should endeavor to ask before leaving his chambers. Read on to discover what to ask a family lawyer during a consultation.

Who is a family lawyer?

A family lawyer is a legal practitioner who is in charge of legal matters of members of the same family. A family lawyer handles cases like divorce, adoption, child custody, wills and trusts, and other civil matters for members of the same family. In addition to this, a family lawyer manages the family estate and offers legal advice to members of the family.

If you’re meeting your family lawyer for consultation, here are a few relevant questions to ask after explaining your case to him.

Questions to ask a family lawyer during consultations

1. The nature of your case

It is always necessary to begin your questions with the nature of your case. For instance, if you have a family dispute over land matters, child custody, or divorce, ask your family lawyer to advise you based on the story you have told him. This will help you to know if you have a good case or not, and the merits or demerits of taking the matter to court.

2. Their appearance/service fee

Each lawyer or law firm has its own charges for legal matters, depending on the nature of your case. For instance, Mr. A, a family attorney to Lawrence may be charging $50 per hour, and Mr. B, a family lawyer to Kelvin may be taking a one-time service fee. So, endeavor to ask your family lawyer about the expenses you’re going to make at the cause of their service. Make sure you know everything about your family lawyer’s retainer fee.

3. Their means of communicating with you

It is necessary you ask your family attorney about how they will get in touch with you about your case. Some clients complain that their lawyer doesn’t give them updates about their cases. To avert this same issue, make sure you ask your lawyer about their means of reaching out to you.

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4. Their specialization in law

That a lawyer is your family attorney does not mean he specializes in all areas of law. After explaining your case to your family lawyer, endeavor to ask him if he has handled such a case before. The essence of asking this is to enable you to figure out his area of expertise in law. Lawyers are not jerk of all trade. They have various fields they are good at in law.

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5. Are there other ways to resolve the issues?

All legal disputes must not go to court. Some civil matters are settled outside court. You only take the case to court if you are unable to resolve it independently. So, ask your family lawyer if there are other possible ways to resolve this issue without taking it to court.

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6. What documents am I expected to bring?

Before your legal dispute is taken to court, you should be able to gather all the necessary documents for the success of your case. Ask your lawyer about the relevant documents you should get ready before the case commences.

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7. How long will it take to get a verdict?

Some civil cases last more than you expected as a client. But your lawyer should be in the right position to predict how long your case will take before you finally get your Judgment. Ask this question to know how long you should wait before the case is over.

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