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11 Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are planning to hire a personal injury lawyer, here are 11 relevant questions to ask a personal injury lawyer before hiring him for legal services.

Personal injury lawyers are legal professionals who help an injured party claim damages through remedy, compensation, etc. These legal personnels specialize in the area of law known as Tort.

Did you sustain an injury as a result of the negligence of another, before you hire a personal injury attorney to help you out, ask him these vital questions during consultation. These questions are necessary if you are interviewing a lawyer before choosing him to be your attorney.

Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

1. How long have you been practicing as a personal injury lawyer?

If you are looking for what to ask a personal injury lawyer, this question is very necessary during legal consultation with a lawyer. It will help you determine if your anticipated lawyer specializes in personal injury claims. Almost any lawyer can help you claim damages in court but there are some attorneys who have expertise in this field (personal injury lawsuit). They have won cases and are still at the top when it comes to personal injury matters.

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2. Have you done a similar case before?

Experience matters in law. A lawyer who has handled similar cases to yours will even do better because he has encountered similar challenges before. Never forget to ask your intended attorney if he has done a case similar to your own.

3. What is your advice about my case?

A lawyer is not just a legal professional who represents his clients in court. But someone who can give you the right advice using his knowledge of the law. Ask your prospective lawyer to advise you on your case. Inquire from him to know the nature of your case and whether you should or shouldn’t pursue the matter in court. Your personal injury lawyer should be able to tell you the pros and cons of your case.

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4. What is my remedy in this case?

Do you think you have a case? Your lawyer will be able to tell you. Ask him if you have a good case and what will be your remedy or compensation at last. It is necessary you discover this early to avoid wasting your time pursuing a case that will yield little or no result.

5. Will you have time for my case

Your personal injury lawyer to be might be a busy lawyer with a lot of cases at hand. If he’s too busy he might not devote time to your case. He might decide to hand it over to another attorney to represent him in court. So, make sure he will be the person to represent you if the matter moves to court.

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6. What is the cost of your services

Another question you should ask your injury lawyer before applying is the cost of their services. Most lawyers charge high but their services are worth it. Do not just look for a lawyer that will charge you low. But look for someone that will offer you the best, irrespective of their price. Some lawyers charge hourly. Ask your potential lawyer to discover more about their professional fees and know if you can afford them or not.

7. What am I expected to do as the case commences?

That you hired a lawyer to represent you in court does not mean you will never appear in court again. There is a day you will be summoned in court. Although your attorney will inform you as you proceed but you need to be aware now. Your lawyer has his own roles to play as a legal professional. You as his client, you have your own responsibilities. And those responsibilities if joined with that of your lawyer will determine the success of your case in the law court.

8. How long should I not wait to file my suit?

Every case has it’s own statute of limitations. The statue of limitations in your jurisdiction might require that you file a case about negligence within two years after the day the cause of action accrues. For instance, in Texas, a person must bring suit not later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues in an action for injury resulting in death. Likewise in Ohio and other states in the United States like California, except Florida that has four years limitations.

9. How long will my case take?

Some cases take more than 6 months or one year to finally get Judgment from the court. You need to ask your personal injury lawyer this important question to know how long you should wait to get a verdict from the Judge or Jury. Settling a matter in court requires patience. You are not the only one coming to court to resolve disputes. There are thousands if not millions of people awaiting trial.

10. How often will I be updated about my case?

Your lawyer is a human and is likely to forget things. Inquire from him to know the possible means he will be communicating with you about your case. Some attorneys require their Clients to call them a day before their case. Find out what your lawyer wants from you and do it.

11. What happens if I lose the case?

Another question you should ask an injury lawyer while interviewing him before hiring is what will happen if they loose the case. For instance, if he requires you to pay him before the commencement of the case, will he refund your money if he loses the case? If you have not paid him, will you still pay even after losing the case? Do not forget this question. It is very crucial.

People also ask

What percentage do most personal injury lawyers take in California?

Personal injury lawyers in California and in other states in the US take 33% (or one-third) of the compensation you will receive if they win your case. This agreement is often known as a contingency fee.

Can a personal injury attorney negotiate with an insurance company?

Personal injury attorneys are not only competent in legal matters but they have the necessary skills to successfully negotiate with your insurance company without going to trial.

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